Arnaud Stéphan

Founder & CEO
Author/Speaker on the skills/key success factors of transformations - Synthesis of ideas and trends from recent major European events (World Business Forum (UK), Les Sommets du Digital (France), Digital Summit (Sweden)) - Articles on the challenges and levers of business/digital transformation (the Life Cycle of projects and transformations, Agility and its key success factors, Cloud and on-demand models, Collaboration and collaborative platforms) - Conferences, webinars and jury bachelors/masters thesis Creator of immersive experiences on the life cycle of business/digital transformations - Serious Game to make you live the 13 recurring problems in transformation projects - Case studies drawn from real cases of business / digital transformation Creation/Transformation of business models (entrepreneur, intrapreneur) - Member of the French Tech in the Alps - Sponsor of the Startup Weekend (Annecy, Chambéry, Aix-Les-Bains) - Med'ICI, nomadic medicine platform for medical deserts (#Nomadisation du Travail and #FutureOfWork) - Apana Group, community platform for networking between intellectual service providers - Meeple, a platform bringing together players looking for a place to play and premises looking to optimize their occupancy rate Management of the transformation - "all in 1" integrating all the key roles of a project in a single point of contact - 3 Masters (Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, BI, Business Consulting, Transformation and Change Management) - 20+ Executive trainings and certifications (Business, Digital, Agile, UX, Collective Intelligence, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Product Management, Banking, IT Services Management)
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PandoraBoxBreak the recurrence of issues in your projects and business/digital transformations
Collective intelligence
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