360° Consulting

Value Proposition

Bring new perspectives to facilitate projects where IT is involved

"All in one" with with key project roles integrated within one single point of contact, who draws the best from Business school, Engineering and University, to leverage experience from consulting, software vendors and systems integrator.

Typical situations to resolve: illustration through personas

360° Consulting
Chief Technology Officer
In a private bank
Requires additional support in both project management and business analysis areas but does not want to manage more than one additional person
Head of Enterprise Applications
In a telco firm
Requires a single point of contact to bridge and coordinate several IT suppliers (integrators, software vendors) against internal business constraints
Head of Governance & Project Portfolio Management
In a media firm
Requires additional support in both project management and business analysis areas but does not want to manage more
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  • Know How/Attitude

    • Project/Change/Risk Management
    • Governance/Project Portfolio Management
    • Solution Design/Architecture
    • Strategy/Business Process Analysis/Requirements
  • Technology

    • Data/Middleware/Business Intelligence
    • Marketing/CRM/Order Management
Customer cases
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Intraday data provider design
Banking Data/Middleware/Business Intelligence Solution Design/Architecture
According to the Long Term Operating Models (LTOM) and M2E Program, *undisclosed* decided to decommission Decalog
A Pre-study (IPDM) has led to find a solution to replace existing Decalog functionalities : RKS from StateStreet will become the new record keeping system, centralizing positions and transactions.
As Dali Assets ensures access to the historical position and the transactions, Intraday Reporting System will grant access to the “live” orders and executions
Quote to Bill transformation program
Energy/Industry Governance/Project Portfolio Management Marketing/CRM/Order Management Project/Change/Risk Management
Support Sales to Cash transformation for Wan Services B2B
Relying on an Integrator model pricing structure
Applied to the customer upon its contract renewal
Control Framework for a multi-cloud CRM solution
Data/Middleware/Business Intelligence Governance/Project Portfolio Management Insurance Marketing/CRM/Order Management Project/Change/Risk Management Solution Design/Architecture
Support Business Operations activities, to ensure Financial information be accurate and to be compliant with Regulatory obligations
Client perception, financial health and regulation audits were at risk because of delays in documents sending
Goal was to proactively identify business operations at risk and to control and manage the risk before any impact occurs
Private Banking Datawarehouse
Banking Data/Middleware/Business Intelligence Project/Change/Risk Management Solution Design/Architecture Strategy/Business Process Analysis/Requirements
Ensure the Operational Data Store is upgraded according the Private Banking transformation roadmap
Engage stakeholders to confirm their data expectations
Manage dependencies with other projects or systems while optimizing Business value delivery in time